The easy way to build a music website


You want to build a music/video website.  In this site, visitors can listen your music and watch your video. And also, you wanna have social network connections. Hopefully, you want to sell your physical albums or your digital files on your site.


Here is what we did for it. Simply, you can visit our customer website( first. Take a look and try out what we had done in this website.

1. Choose a website builder

The first step to build a music website, you have to choose a website builder. By using website builder, you can create your website within couple days. In this case, we chose has very simple and user friendly interface. If you do not know coding, don’t worry, this is a good choice for you. We think is a code-free website builder. You just have to set up attributes for the pages or objects. You can edit your content like you edit a word file.

2. Choose a online media distribution platform

In order to play music online, we chose to store songs. If the play time of your songs is under 180 minutes, it is free. Check it’s pricing here. For the video, you can use You can check “How to share videos“.

3. Choosing a Domain Name and Publish your website

That’s it! Enjoy!!