MING ENSOURCE LLC is founded by Mr. Ming on June 01, 2014. It provides online business solutions in partnership with our clients. The Mission of MING ENSOURCE LLC is helping enterprises more efficiently and more economically get into online business in America. Our aim is to enhance MING ENSOURCE’s competency and performance through result-based solutions(project experiences). We’re effectively combining processes, people and e-commerce platforms, designed to match clients specific requirements. MING ENSOURCE LLC realizes the need to adapt rapidly changes in online business and software applications. As well as the importance of getting better at growing and developing from/within our clients, MING ENSOURCE LLC alway sticks with our clients and software applications of online business.

We seek to build and sustain a reliable solution in the online market and partnership with our clients. Our confidence is to work through hard studying, fast responses, continuous innovations,  and customer satisfactions. We tend to inspire such things as team’s loyalty, reliability, enthusiasm, and motivation. All in all, building reliable relationships and add-on values with our clients is complies with our general strategy. MING ENSOURCE LLC believes in client’s loyalty and satisfaction. And we hope to achieve it through quality solutions coupled with commitment in a teamwork environment.


Ming Ensoure LLC takes care your e-commerce business as its own. Every steps, when team’s members consult with you, is important for us. M.E. is not only developing E-Commerce website but also providing total solutions of you online business.  ”Quality excellence is the foundation of the management of our business and the keystone of our aim for customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is Ming Ensoure LLC policy to consistently provide services that meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations. Ming Ensoure LLC strives to actively pursue the improvement of quality services through programs that enable each of its personnel to perform tasks right; first time and every time.”

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