E-Commerce Consulting

E-Commerce Consulting

Why E-Commerce Consulting is Important

Here are many kinds of E-Commerce system in the world. they can be separated by Licensing Models, Sales Types, Product Categories and Data Exchange Types. How do you decide which E-Commerce platform to use? What else should you consider:

  • 》Costs
  • 》Functions/Ablities
  • 》Durations
  • 》Risks
  • 》…

We Help You Decide

MING ENSOURCE (M.E.) works closely with you to understand your goals and aims, and then design Online Marketing Strategies and E-commerce website in order to fulfilling your needs.

The majority of E-Commerce websites include shopping cart, payment gateways, shipping methods, and customer system. You sure need more that those basic functions based on your Online Marketing Strategies. E-Commerce website is a tool to let you publish your products(goods and services) and complete sales transactions in one place.

This tool should help you:

  • 》To easily manage your product and service information.
  • 》To solidly secure customer sensitive information.
  • 》To reduce your cost on transporting data to other system.
  • 》To be flexible on function management.

Other things we should expect on an E-Commerce website:

  • 》To have various and fancy Layout.
  • 》To be User Friendly.
  • 》To be Responsive design.

Knowing your E-Commerce platform is very important. Make An Appointment.

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