Efficient HR Planning

Efficient HR Planning

An Efficient Human Resources Planning (EHRP) is to ensure that the organization achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Focusing on online business field: What is the right number? How much is the cost? What is the efficiency can be expected? If your are just starting your online business, you might think about:

  • 》Should I hire a website designer or developer?
  • 》Would I have a plan of online business?
  • 》Should I take some courses of online business?
  • 》Should I hire an e-commerce manager to handle all stuffes?
  • 》Should I outsourcing?
  • 》How much will they cost? Is it worthy?

Of course, it’s not very efficient to do all of them by yourself. Why don’t you let M.E. help you?

M.E. Help You Focus

Do what you are able to do and focus on your strengths of your business. Let M.E. assists you on:

  • 》E-Commerce Platform Selection:
    To select an E-Commerce platform based on your product categories, requirements of functionality, and  business model.
  • 》Hosting Provider Selection:
    To select a affordable and stable hosting provider for your website.
  • 》Website Development:
    To design, install and configure your E-Commerce website.
  • 》Online Marketing Strategy and Execution.
  • 》Website Technical Supporting.
  • 》Training Courses
  • 》System Integration


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